Breed Care


German Shepherd Dogs are naturally active with lots of drive and prefer training of some kind to challenge their intelligence. We have found that even simple activities such as playing fetch with a toy or running around with them is helpful. They must get exercise daily. German Shepherds that don’t get enough exercise are much more susceptible to joint issues such as hip and/or elbow dysplasia. Too little exercise will also lead to mischievous behavior! Remember: A tired dog is an obedient dog. Be careful with young dogs though as too much exercise may cause improper development.


German Shepherd Breed Care

We prefer Taste of the Wild for our adults and puppies.  Each of our dogs get a small scoop of plain yogurt in the morning and a small scoop of coconut oil in the evenings. We also make a point of changing their water several times a day to keep it fresh and healthy. 

We use metal feeding bowls as it was brought to our attention by a fellow breeder that the components that make up plastic bowls can irritate the dog’s sensitive nose.


German Shepherds blow their coat twice a year. Daily brushing helps cut down the loss of fur in between those times. A “furminator” type tool is very helpful during the time they are shedding but must be used with a light touch so as not to scratch or aggravate their skin.

In addition to monthly flea/tick control, to keep bugs at bay, we simply spray our dogs with Original Scent Skin So Soft.

We use an all natural shampoo consisting of liquid Ivory, vinegar, lavender, lemongrass and peppermint essential oils. This keeps our dogs smelling fresher longer!