We could not be happier with Brandy.  She is beautiful, intelligent and well behaved.  Everyone who meets her comments on just how beautiful she is. She really likes people, especially kids.
Joe and Dawne
Port St. Lucie, FL
Hey Lew and Sheila! Wanted to give you an update on Jaeger (Nokia and Turli). He’s doing phenomenal! He gets along great with Nyla (our Australian Shepherd) and we could not have asked for a more perfect addition to our family. At sixteen weeks, he weighs 45 pounds. He loves going to the barn and riding in the four wheeler while we feed the horses, and he also loves his blanket. He’ll go into his open crate, grab a blanket, pull it out to a pillow, and lay on it. He also loves tennis balls. With one in his mouth, he kicks the other one around with his paws like a soccer ball. We take him back on a trail in the woods, and have tried to take him everywhere we go. He also gets trained at Pawfection dog training every Saturday. We love him and his personality so much. Thanks Lew and Sheila!
Robert, Lisa and Paige
Oviedo, FL
Jaeger and Nyla
Hello Lew and Sheila,
I hope this email finds you all well. Charlie and I are doing great! I am having the time of my life with my boy. I love my Charlie so, so much. He’s so incredibly smart and beautiful. Everywhere we go I get loads of compliments on how gorgeous Charlie is.
Thank you again so much for breeding such wonderful animals. My dog trainer is so impressed with Charlie and as it turns, out we train together with Charlie’s sister Beretta.
Orlando, FL
This is Drake! He is fabulous !!!
Chris and Michele
Leesburg, FL
My wife and I got a puppy from you a couple years ago. You knew him as Brutus. He’s actually the puppy that’s still on your homepage in the little boat. He’s doing amazing.
Rob and Renee
Astor, FL
Brutus Brutus - Samson boat
Maverick is doing great and growing fast.  He is such a good boy.  Thank you both!
Tommy and Shannon
Clermont, FL
We love our puppy from your aug 26 litter. Social.  Loves people.  Loves other pets. Great protector   Beautiful dog.
Alen and Helen
St. Augustine, FL
Lew and Sheila :
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Pic of Tova attached. 13 weeks tomorrow.
Thriving. Very smart. Happy. Calm yet active. Interested and curious. Loves to play ball.
Housebroken and slept through the night from the first day. Obedience training going very well.
I am immensely satisfied and happy with her.
Thank you.
Michael H.
Orlando, FL
Panzer has been a hit with our family, neighbors, even the mail man.  We took him to the vet the day after picking him up at shepherd haus .  The vet told us he hadn’t seen such a beautiful German Shepherd puppy in a long time, and added he is perfectly healthy and adorable but we already knew that!   Panzer is meeting all the neighborhood dogs. He socializes well and the dogs seem to like him.   Everyone loves Panzer!   We are so thankful we found  Shepherd haus  and will be happy to speak with anyone that is asking for a reference.
Thank you Lew & Sheila
Doug & Dianne
Orlando ,  Florida.
Update: Panzer at 6 months old
Panzer - 6 mos
Lew and Sheila,Mia is doing so well! She is growing so fast! She is already enrolled in puppy kindergarten and is the “star” of her class. She is the youngest puppy in her class but she is constantly impressing the trainers with how quickly she learns. With only 3 classes to go, she is well on her way to becoming an AKC S.T.A.R puppy. She is so smart and is so eager to learn. My sister and I wanted to thank you again for letting Mia become a part of our family. I have attached some pictures and will continue to keep you updated on her progress!
Christan T.
Tampa, FL
Update on Mia:
Lew and Sheila,This is Mia at 8 months old in training..
Mia 8 mos old
Hello Lew and Sheila,
Zulu did great at her puppy class and graduated this past Saturday =)  The instructor just loves her and kept using her as an example for the rest of the class.  I didn’t think she was ready to be tested in CGC but he thinks she is.  She is a teachers pet lol.  She is continuing with her SAR and has moved on from simple air scenting to human remains.  Her trainer introduced her to the scent just once not thinking she would pick up on it so quick.  He then went and hid in the brush as she was suppose to seek and find him.  Zulu was sent on her mission and went twice to this tree.  My husband was confused as she has been very good at finding the trainer but insisted on taking him to a tree instead.  The trainer said that is were he hid the box with the HR scent and was so impressed that Zulu found it as fast as she did.  As if thats not enough to be so very proud of her, after her graduation on Saturday her trainer introduced her to bite class.  She again did exceptionally well with that too.  We have decided to train her for protection as well because she is showing all the right traits.  She is confident, very smart, and most importantly very friendly with other dogs. Zulu will continue with search and rescue and protection training and I am going to continue with agility as well.  She is such an amazing pup.  I hope you like the pics =)
- Julie, St. Cloud, FL
IMG_4763 IMG_4778

Hey Lew and Sheila,

Just wanted to send you a few pics and let you know how Paisley was doing!
She’s an absolute doll! She cuddles and always wants me to play with her. It’s cute when I’m sitting on the couch doing homework and she’s playing with her toys, then comes over to me and whines until I play back. She also sleeps under my feet or on the couch next to me while I’m doing my school work. We go outside and throw the ball around each day. If she’s not distracted by all the mulch outside, she normally fetches it and brings it back.
She LOVES other dogs. We go to PetSmart classes and she whines when we leave the other puppies to go home. She’s also really good at self entertaining except she takes ALL the toys out of the toy box and places them all over the house so I get to clean them up everyday. :)
Overall she’s great. She does awesome in the crate and she knows a lot so far like sit, down, gentle, ball, ducky (this toy she loves), and we are working on “wait” and “leave it” this week. Oh and she LOVES food time. Even just an hour after lunch, she’s sitting at the closet door!
Anyways, she’s doing well and I love her to death! She’s already so loyal and such a great addition to my life! I absolutely love spoiling her and taking care of her!
-Katie,  Gainesville, FL

photo 3


Paisley Update – Sept. 2014

Hey Lew and Sheila!
Paisley is 6 months already! Time has flown by so fast. She’s doing so well. She’s got a lot of ‘protective dog’ in her yet hasn’t hurt a fly yet! Haha… She makes me feel very safe though when we go out for walks. Now that she’s gotten all her shots, we’ve been going to this amazing dog park here in Gainesville multiple times week. She loves it. It’s like disney world for dogs and the membership was so worth it for her to have so much fun. She still follows me everywhere I go in the house and is always under my feet. She’s also becoming more and more of a night-time cuddler. She’s getting so big too! She’s already almost the same size as my friends’ Shepherd that’s 15 months old. Paisley’s paws are also bigger so I’m hoping she gets pretty huge. Today she turned 6 months old and weighs 54.5 pounds!! Anyways, here a few pictures from the last few months! Thanks again for such an amazing puppy! I couldn’t be happier!!
Paisley 6 mos


Hi Guys,

Just a quick photo of Luke about to go for a drive and out to dinner. He’s been to 3 restaurants so far, hung out at Best Buy and made the rounds at family and friends.  He gets a warm reception everywhere he goes.  He’s doing great!

Mark and Cathy – Orlando, FL











Hi Lew and Sheila, just wanted to show you a picture of Tank with his ears up. He is doing great. Dave already has him listening to commands (without treats). He is getting into everything, haha! Poor Dave is exhausted, but we couldn’t imagine life without him and it has only been a week. Thank you.
We will keep you updated as he grows.

Dave and Marybeth – Silver Springs, FL








Tank Update – Sept. 2014

Hi Sheila and Lew,
Tank is about 90 pounds now.  He is such a great dog.  I sent a recent picture. He is huge!!!!! HAHA!
tank and dave



Just wanted to let you know Anka is doing great! She is so beautiful and so smart. We couldn’t be happier. She gets along with the cats fine. Only one wants anything to do with her at this point. Training is going well. She follows simple commands and look forward to more formal training when she is 16 weeks. Thanks again for this precious girl!

Amy – Ft. Myers

image (1)









Anka Update – Sept. 2014

Happy birthday to Anka!! I cant believe she is 1! She is awesome! We couldnt be happier!

Anka bday



Our puppy, Izzy, is just perfect!  She is adorable and loving, remembering us when we came to pick her up–she literally jumped into Jon’s arms as if to say “AHH!! you came back for me!”  She was super easy to potty train..only took about 2 weeks once we got her home.  She is fearless and knows exactly what she wants and goes for it..she’s giving our older pup a run for her money!  It’s easy to see that she is a product of her awesome breeding..she has incredible drive and a very quick learner.  Izzy is the best puppy we could have asked for and we recommend Lew and Sheila to everyone!!

Thanks for everything!
Cara and Jon – Sarasota, FL


Lew and Sheila,
Maya is doing awesome!! She has already learned basic commands both verbally and visually, she’s sooo smart, and don’t even get me started on how gorgeous she is. Everyone who see’s her is in absolute awe of her, and well who could blame them. We  just absolutely adore her and can’t imagine our life without her and we have you to thank for such a great pup. When we decide to add another fur kid to our family, we now know the best and only shepherd breeder to contact.
Thank you for everything,
Shannon and Chris










Hello Sheila and Lew!  Nala and I are doing great. She is bonding with me and my sisters puppy and making every day a joy.  She is so smart, playful and obedient. Well, most of the time, lol.  I couldn’t have dreamed if a more amazing puppy to share my life with.  You both impressed me with your professionalism, your true love for the breed and the amazing breeding quality of your dogs. Everyone from her vet to the groomers at Petsmart don’t want to give her back, she is always the star!  Thank you again so much for such a wonderful, gorgeous and well rounded puppy.

Xo. Brenda – Winter Garden, FL










Hi Sheila  and Lew,

We are in love! Turbo (full name “Turbo Von Jager Bomb!)” is an absolute doll. Within three days she was sleeping through  the night in her crate  and was completely potty trained within 2 weeks.!  She has already learned to come, sit, shake and lay down on command and recently mastered roll over!

We take her everywhere with us. She has been to school with the boys, the beach and she helped pick out the Christmas tree (and take it down!) She particularly loves going boating with family and friends.

Thank you so much for the attention you gave to her the first 8 weeks of her life. This is our first dog and we are over the moon.

Mike, Sheryl, Danny & Damon

Brevard County, FL










Lew & Sheila,

“We are so very pleased with our sweet puppy.  He is getting bigger and more beautiful every day! Everywhere we take him people say how gorgeous he is and what a great personality he has. He charms everyone he meets!  Our dog trainer says he is so very smart. As a first time Shepherd owner I think I am hooked on the breed!”

Aron and Christine

Brevard County, FL


Hi Sheila,
Kaiser and I are doing great. He is such a sweetheart. I’m looking forward to him being out of his teething stage, that boy can bite,LOL! He loves to play. He is catching tennis balls now and bringging them back to me. He comes when called, in the house, still working on outside off leash, he comes sometimes but is easiley distracted by birds,plains,deer running through the water behind the house outside of the fenced yard. He sits and is getting very good at doing his #1 & #2 outside, has no problem being in a cage while I’m not at home. He does keep me VERY busy. He is just plain AWESOME.
I plan on having Kaiser trained for home and personal protection when he is old enough. I think he is going to be an Awesome dog, He is Awesome to me now. I’m just really looking forward to whatching him grow and learn.


 Thank You Very Much


It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband Lew.


Wesley Chapel, FL



  Hi, Sheila and Lew.  Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to purchase          Rider,(a/k/a) Dozer!.  He had his second vet appointment yesterday and he is a thriving 26 pounds and full of energy.  He wants to play constantly and is just a joy, especially after losing our last dog. He is about 90/10 housebroken and literally sits behind the door and barks to tell us he needs to go out.  He energy is never ending, which is what we really needed.  Again, thank you so much.  He is a joy! Sorry to   take your little buddy away from Lew!!

Alexes, Lauren, Joan and Jane
Clermont, FL


German Shepherd Puppies Florida MaxWow! This is Max…

My wife and I could not have made a better decision on a pet. He is exactly what we have anticipated: Intelligent, friendly, healthy and “full of energy”. We purchased him 8 weeks ago and have had him a month. He is full throttle 100% pure Shepherd with all the attributes: Strong, learns quickly and already has great instincts. We look forward to training this dog to be all he can be. We would highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a good quality shepherd. The Carneys are nice, knowledgeable and their home is in the perfect location for raising a puppy. In our book Max and his breeder get FIVE STARS *****!

Thank you for bringing Max into our family.

The Ward Family
Sanford, FL


Thank you Lew and Sheila for a wonderful dog Barrett!! I love his pic on your home page, looks great! Barrett was in the absolute best condition when I got him from you, I was so pleased!! You truly take wonderful care of your dogs!! : )

Thank you again.

Hi Sheila and Lew.  We named our girl Nim.Nim - German Shepherd Puppies Florida
She is great and doing well.  I’ve already contacted someone living near us about training.  I knew pretty soon she had great drive and a desire to learn.  I just don’t know enough so he will be teaching both of us.

I am attaching a pic of her and will be able to send more once we settle.  She is a beautiful dog that gets commented on when I bring her for walks.

Thanks so much for a great dog.

Dana Tucker